Dollar Squash Leagues

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League 1

David Rennie cc45
Ben Dreyer c14
Finlay Rowec c30
Ravi Hararc 4

League 2

Geoff Wears cc5
Anthony Cassidy c27
Stephen Rowec c1
Euan Raec 33

League 3

William Spiers cc45
Steve Turnbull c10
Simon Williamsc c27
David Matherc 24

League 4

Chris Wallace cc0
Eric Urquhart c0
Darren Lowryc c0
Paul Fensomc 0

League 5

David Baxter cc16
Peter Stupart cc52
Malcolm Corsar c c12
Scott Maciverc c30
Kyle Mackaycc 72

League 6

Richard Campbell cc72
Murray Rowe cc20
Vincent Reijnenc c33
Kathryn Gibsonc c21
Louise Turnbullcc 9

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